Divine Life

“Divine Life” is an observational documentary about the life of three religious professionals that are totally different: Elizabeth, the mother superior of a convent-ward; Jaume, a prison priest and, Carles, a young clergyman who works in three parish churches.

We discover how they harmonize their moments of prayer with those of down-to-earth daily routines; how they coexist with earthly passion and fight them through their vows and devotions; how they manage to find a balance between their monastic lives and the pressures of modern society today. A vision of the different meanings of a divine and equally worldly life, unknown to most.

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Director’s note

Until the 1980s, the Catholic Church played a crucial role in Spanish society, particularly in education, social and health-policies; the country’s national politics; it was the symbol of the national moral values and it organized many cultural activities in the country.

In the twenty-first century, the institution is going through an unprecedented crisis: it has lost considerable influence in society, there is a lack of people who want to become priests and the believers are getting older. Within this context and at a time that coincides with the celebration of the World Year of a Consecrated Life, we ask ourselves some key questions and wonder about those private lives to which for many years secular or lay people haven’t had hardly any access.

That is how “Divine Life” came into being, a search for three clergy members who might allow us to delve into how they live and look at the world from their positions of religious seclusion. Sister Elizabeth, Mother Superior of the Female Servants of Jesus Christ; Carles Seguí, a young priest in charge of several churches of the Pla of Mallorca, and Jaume Alemany, Vicar of the Penitentiary, opened their homes to our team and allowed us to observe them at close quarters.

We decided to cover the wide range of different moments that are part of our protagonists’ lives with as little equipment as possible so as not to stain the freshness of their acts and words. “Divine Life” is an open documentary, which we hope will give rise to many interpretations and reviews, that will be deemed frivolous or profound depending on the way it is looked at.

Title: Vida divina
International title: Divine Life
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 70 min
Source Format: 16:9 AppleProRes422HQ
Master Format: AppleProRes422 and H264
Original Languages: Spanish and Catalan
Subtitles available: English
Filming Locations: Mallorca and Santiago de Compostela
Production Year: 2015
Production Company: Mosaic Producciones
Co-produced by: IB3 Televisió de les Illes Balears
With the support of: Consell de Mallorca
Direction and Screenplay: Miguel Eek
Production Director: Sara Marquina
Post-production Director: Marta Castells
Sound Design & Mix: David Masmiquel
Film Editor: Joan Bover
Color Grading: Jaume Alcina