Miguel Eek claims the documentary as a work of art and encourages the sector to experiment

Interview with Miguel Eek included in the article “Documentary filmmakers, film activists”, about the claim made by professionals for the government to...

Miguel Eek : "Humor is a counterpoint and helps naturalize death"

Filmmaker Miguel Eek wins his second Ciutat de Palma prize with his new documentary, ‘City of the Dead’.

'City of the dead' wins best documentary and best screenplay at the Mallorca Cinema Awards

‘City of the dead’ by Miguel Eek has been awarded Best Documentary and Best Screenplay at the 1st Mallorca Cinema Awards 2019.

'City of the dead' gets three nominations at the Mallorca Cinema awards

The film ‘City of the Dead’ by Miguel Eek is finalist for Best Documentary, Director and Screenplay at the Mallorca Cinema Awards...

Cinema premiere of the documentary 'City of the Dead’

The documentary ‘City of the Dead’, by director Miguel Eek, arrives at the movie theatres of Madrid and Barcelona after its tour...

'City of the Dead', best documentary at SomCinema film festival

‘City of the Dead”, by director Miguel Eek, was awarded as best documentary feature at the Lleida SomCinema film festival.

IB3 Televisió premieres the documentary 'City of the dead’

IB3 premieres, for the first time on television, the documentary ‘City of the Dead’ by filmmaker Miguel Eek, co-produced by IB3 and...

Menorca Doc Fest selects 'City of the Dead' by Miguel Eek

The film ‘City of the Dead’ has been selected among the documentaries in the official section of Menorca Doc Fest.

‘City of the dead’ continues its festival run in Cinespaña

The sixth film by Miguel Eek is currently making a good run in festivals and surprises spectators. The film twists conventional wisdom...

Miguel Eek: "I wanted to know death through those who live from it"

Interview with the director Miguel Eek about his film ‘City of the Dead’, selected at the Atlàntida Film Fest.

“A portrait of life inside the Palma de Mallorca cemetery”

Film review on ‘City of the dead’ for its premiere at DOXA Documentary Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada.

Balearic premiere of 'City of the dead' at Atlàntida Film Fest

Among the advanced programming, the block dedicated to Balearic productions stands out, with titles such as ‘City of the dead’, a documentary...

World premiere of 'City of the Dead' at FIPADOC

Interview with filmmaker Miguel Eek in Radio 5 program “El cine que viene” for ‘City of the Dead’ selection in FIPADOC international...

Interview with Miguel Eek and Marta Castells in Radio 3 program "Equilibristas"

‘City of the Dead’ is a documentary film that shows a discourse on death narrated by the living who have learned to...

Interview with Miguel Eek on IB3 TV for 'City of the Dead' premiere at FIPADOC

IB3 TV “5 dies” magazine interviews director Miguel Eek for ‘City of the Dead’ world premiere at FIPADOC festival in Biarritz, France.

'City of the dead', the new documentary by Mallorcan director Miguel Eek

An audiovisual piece directed by Miguel Eek that brings us closer to 10 workers in the municipal cemetery of Palma. Each one...

Premiere of Miguel Eek’s ‘City of the dead', filmed in Palma's cemetery

The documentary, about death construed by the living, will be screened on Thursday 24 January at the FIPADOC festival in Biarritz.

Miguel Eek wins the Ciutat de Palma award for 'Life and Death of an Architect’

The director of the documentary ‘Life and Death of an Architect’, Miguel Eek, has won the audiovisual prize for this piece that...

José Ferragut: Life and death of a visionary architect

Miguel Eek claims in a documentary the figure of the architect of Gesa’s building after his murder, marked by corruption and homophobia.

Atlàntida Film Fest: report with Miguel Eek and the film 'Life and Death of an Architect’

Miguel Eek’s interview within the monographic made by the program “Els entusiastes” of IB3 TV about the Atlàntida Film Festival.

'Life and Death of an Architect', opening film of the Atlàntida Film Fest

Interview with director Miguel Eek in the program “Els Entusiastes” of IB3 radio the day of its premiere as the opening film...