City of the Dead

“City of the Dead” is a documentary about death, construed by the living. Its protagonists are people who face death every day and that have found another way to understand it.

Biel, the watchman; José, the sales & commercial agent; David and Sergio, the morticians; Jaume and Mohammed, the gardeners; José Luis, the crematorium operator; and Manuela, the cleaner, all work at the Palma cemetery.

By exploring their interactions, sometimes dramatic, sometimes comical, we not only discover the unknown world of death, but also the personal stories of its inhabitants.

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“A fierce look into the banality of death.”
M.J. Doxa

“A warm and fear-taming portrait of the human condition.”
​Bianca-Olivia Nita. Modern Times Review

“A must see. Not recommendable for those with heart problems.”
Jennifer Hammersmark. Medium.

Director’s note

Over the last few years I have visited several funeral homes and crematoria to say farewell to family, friends and other acquaintances. Quite often, to my surprise, the deceased weren’t the protagonists. At these events, people wouldn’t speak about death or the deceased, but rather about any other subject that was more known or pleasant. In a society that seems to always be in a rush, in which youth and success prevail, death continues being a taboo that generates a silent curiosity in the shape of confronted feelings. As spaces for death, cemeteries and funeral parlors, produce in people contradictory reactions: fascination, prejudice and unease. They are affronted places, though also poetic. With this documentary, I delve deeper in this fascinating subject by addressing those who deal with death on a daily basis.






Special mention at Makedox

Best film at Ciudad de Palma

Best documentary at Mallorca de cinema

Best documuentary at Som cinema

Best documentary at Infest NYC

Best documentary at Firenze Film Fest

Title: Ciudad de los Muertos

International title: City of the Dead

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 56 min / 61 min

Source Format: 16:9 AppleProRes422HQ

Master Format: AppleProRes422 and H264

Original Language: Spanish and Catalan

Subtitles available: English and French

Filming Location: Palma de Mallorca

Production Year: 2019

Production Company: Mosaic Producciones

Co-produced by: IB3 Televisió de les Illes Balears

With the support of: Consell de Mallorca, Institut d’Estudis Balearics, Illes Balears Film Commission and Palma City Council.

International Sales: 3BoxMedia

Distribution Agent Festivals: Movies for festivals

Direction and Screenplay: Miguel Eek

Production Director: Marta Castells

Production Assistant: Virginia Galán

Camera Operators: Edu Biurrun, Jan Hernandez, Pablo Bohigas, Joan Vidal & Bosco Llona

Direct Sound: Carlos Novoa

Sound Design: Rubén Pérez

Film Editor: Aina Calleja

Color Grading: Jaume Alcina

Graphic & Poster Design: Eduard Bagur